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August 9, 2023

SIGGRAPH Wednesday

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Any talk from NASA about astronomy fascinated me; a particular interesting point for this one is about artistic rendering which is needed to visualize far-away exoplanets.
In fact, we need some sort of artistic touches for almost all scientific visualizations, as the raw data is often invisible to the human visual system (e.g., out of the visible light spectrum).

Chaired the “colorful topics in imaging” paper session in the morning.
(I actually did not know if one of the presenters will actually show up until the turn of that paper, but fortunately she was there just not in the front row.)

The committee lunch in Sol Agave took too long and the place was too noisy for conversations, so I ended up chatting with the guy sitting opposite me via a mobile app, even though the food is decent (salad, fish tacos, and churros).
In a noisy party, everyone can try to talk over other voices, causing a positive feedback loop for volume.

The exhibition is smaller than past years, but I still found some interesting demos about digital painting.
The app looks worth trying.
The Rebelle watercolor did not seem as realistic as Fresco’s equivalence.

I skipped all the dinner parties, bought some vegetarian food from a nearby Whole Foods, and ate my dinner in my hotel room while watching the electronic theater streaming.
(The content is OK, not as great as previous years.)

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