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June 26, 2022

Stanford classmate

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My wife told me that my Stanford “classmate” (we both worked in the CS building and attended piano lessons together), who later cofounded one of the most successful companies in human history, is going through his second divorce recently.

I didn’t know about this and my wife told me that she learned about that via TechCrunch (instead of some paparazzi source).

Which made me wonder if he is happier than I am. I think it is highly unlikely, but I wish the best for him.

June 25, 2022

California prionus

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Summer time all kinds
of bugs play their symphony
in the bushes and trees

June 24, 2022

Crane fly

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The large size of this insect eased the observation for sketching.

American exceptionalism

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America considered itself such an exceptional country that it decided to take some steps backwards so that other countries can have a better chance to catch up.

June 23, 2022

Take care of your health

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During a recent meeting, a brilliant young professor (rising star in HCI) told me that he just came back from a body scan after his recent fall from stairs. He couldn’t even move a few days ago, and his facial complexion looks like vegetables. Fortunately, I believe he is young enough to recover quickly.

I know this sounds like cliché, but your health is the most important thing for you, and nothing should take precedence over that.

June 22, 2022


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I did some experiments with Midjourney’s prompt-based image generation.
(I am glad that the site imposes GPU compute constraints as otherwise I might be tempted to spend endless time exploring the rabbit hole.)

The first one came from a real life experience I encountered the very same morning: A painting by Joan Miro of a laptop computer that still works after being cracked open by heat coming from the office window, after some iterations here is one I like:

The second one also came from a real-life experience, which I iterated to bring out the vegetables from: A vegetarian descendant of Genghis Khan

June 18, 2022

Pavement cubes in Prague

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I noticed that sidewalks in Prague are predominantly paved by the same types of stone/concrete cubes, whose size and shape might cause (or at least less effectively prevent) the underlying layer to gradually deform over time.
I also saw a construction worker manually put one cube next to another to pave a surface.
So I guess these cubes have low enough manufacturing/material costs (via economy of scale) without too high manual labor costs (low hourly wage for construction workers and/or the curved streets are less amenable for machine construction).

Striped sofa

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The sofa has been around me for such a long time, asking when it will be drawn.

June 17, 2022

Monumental reckoning

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Initially I thought these black objects were some kind of construction cones surrounding the plinth only to find out that they are artworks representing African slaves facing the (now empty) space occupied by the (now removed) sculptor of Francis Scott Key.

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