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December 31, 2019

Pocket-size watercolor

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My dad gave me a watercolor sketch book and a watercolor paint set, both in pocket size.

This is the first pencil sketch and watercolor experiment.

I did another watercolor for a guava. My dad said I approached watercolor with many dense strokes, and showed me how to use a sparse set of quick, watery strokes.

December 29, 2019

Some good stuff in Taiwan compared to the US

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Every time I traveled to another country (Taiwan at this moment of writing) I almost always observed something nice that I wish could exist in my current resident country (which would be the US right now).

The top item will be medical service, always.
With a universal health insurance, you only have a small amount of out-of-pocket co-payment and hospitals (for non-serious issues) are as common as convenient stores.
But that has been the case since decades ago.
A few relatively newer things I noticed are:

Have you ever had difficulty finding your cars in a large parking area?
Some parking garages in Taiwan already have systems to automatically scan the license plate of your car when it enters, guide you through available spaces, and tell you where your car is when you access the pay kiosk. (I could imagine a mobile app version.)

There is this company, Owndays, which can make eyeglasses on-site in about 20 minutes, from measurement to lens making and glass fitting, with very reasonable price.
In the US, even with Warby Parker, you would still wait for days.

December 28, 2019

Analogy of blog versus social network

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Social networks are like loud parties, blogs are like quiet libraries.

I write on my blog for those of you who like to take a look, and I won’t bother shout out to people on social networks.

December 27, 2019

A shrimp dish

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Someone commented that the shrimp doesn’t seem very appetite, but the lemon is crisp and eye-catching.
Then I realized that I should add more highlights to the shrimp to make it appear fresher and oilier.

December 25, 2019

Portrait painting from memory

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I saw this face sitting opposite to me on a metro train, and drew it from memory after coming home.

Drawing from memory is the next step after drawing from sighting, with the additional involvement of (long term) visual memory.

December 22, 2019

Incorrectly proportioned portrait sketch

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December 21, 2019

Mobile sketch

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Unlike a (paper or digital) drawing pad, a cell phone usually accompanies me on the go, which can be handy for quick sketches.

December 17, 2019

Volcker rule

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I drew this on a long distance flight inspired by a photo of Paul Volcker.

December 14, 2019

Drawing a dessert from photo

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The transparency is not quite right.

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