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December 30, 2018

A smiling face is a happy face

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When I started a drawing, I often have no idea if I will be able to finish it, and the intermediate process can look hopeless.
Just keep going and trust the eyes and the hands, and magic will happen.

There are nuances in the original (awesome) photo which I could not yet capture, so I plan to come back to this one later.

December 29, 2018

Practice drawing a pink piggy bank

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Which I started after removing a tooth and needed some activity to divert the discomfort.

Digital drawings by a kid

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My 6-year old niece got very interested in digital drawing after seeing me doing that.
The user interface seems intuitive enough for her to learn very quickly. She just found it weird to use the digital pen instead of her finger as an eraser.
I am observing her for informal user study (e.g. comparing physical and digital drawings for kids).

A general thought: if we want to nudge kids to do something, better to set up examples by ourselves instead of just verbal commanding.
For example, if you do not want your kids to watch TV, stop watching it yourself. And if you want them to study, sit down and read something yourself.

A duck in the corner

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An experimental drawing with Adobe Sketch; I have primarily used Autodesk Sketchbook since before joining Adobe.

December 27, 2018

Quick sketches of speakers in grandpa’s centennial memorial

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This is a good practice session for speed sketching. Each speaker has only a few minutes, and some finished before I could carefully observe them.

I drew the subjects into layers of the same tiff file. All hidden layers were destroyed after I accidentally rotated the file under the Windows (file) explorer, but fortunately not before I shared the layers to Instagram.

December 25, 2018

Practice drawing from a sculpture

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Drawing is a very peaceful solo process, between me, the subject, and the canvas. I do not have to be concerned with anything else. Even single-authored SIGGRAPH papers need to go through peer reviews.

December 20, 2018

Time perception

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I found drawing to be an excellent in-flight entertainment, especially long-haul flights that provide ample time. Aside from occasional turbulence that can shake my strokes (especially on glass tablet surfaces), drawing is pretty much immune to other distractions like engine noises and passenger commotions.
I had so much fun and focus that the plane landed before I realized.

These two drawings are from the same photo which I like a lot.

December 18, 2018

Sharing publications

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Every time I see people listing publications on their websites without linking to the papers or videos, I hear they say: I am here to show off my publications and I do not really care whether you can access the papers. (Or, in a slightly more excusable scenario: I am too weak to not bow to the publisher request of withholding preprints online for 1 year. BTW this is why I do not submit to CGF.)

Best practice: create a public GitHub repo/page to share all paper information (abstract, pdf, video, code, etc.), so that all co-authors can edit and the search engines can index. (I am doing this for all my recent papers.)

December 16, 2018

Computer science publication model

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If you need to try out a method, which you do first: (1) read and implement papers, (2) compile and run open source codes.

The peer review model for scientific publications has not changed much for centuries. It is about to, at least for computer science and especially for machine learning (e.g., where sharing and reproduction is much easier than other science and engineering disciplines.

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