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May 28, 2023

A history of graphic design

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I bought this book in year 2004 but did not finish reading it until now.
Overall, it is an excellent overview of the main developments in graphic design, including styles, technologies, and people.
In long run I will probably remember more of the many beautiful image examples than the detailed text descriptions.

The book focuses mainly on static layouts and touches upon animations and interactive interfaces in the end, which, together with recent generative technologies, will probably be worth another book in the future.

Layered motion path experiment

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Since each motion path is on a single layer, I created two separate paths, one in front and another behind the character, to approximate each circular path.

May 25, 2023

When a programmer needs an extra break

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// when a programmer needs an extra break
// inspired by real code I saw
  case "Mon":
  case "Tue":
  case "Wed":
  case "Thu":
  case "Fri":

It took me a few days later to realize how to achieve this effect via motion graphics.

May 20, 2023


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This work is inspired by this funny scene from the replay of a recent NBA playoff game.

Given that a headbutt would expose both parties to a very vulnerable physical configuration, I guess evolution-wise it signals pure posturing without the intention of getting into a real fight (yet).

Wig materials the top export item from China to North Korea?

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I was surprised to learn that materials used in wigs are the top export item from China to North Korea according to a recent Reuters report.
I thought it would be something like food, fertilizer, or petroleum.
Or maybe the materials are used for something other than wigs?

May 16, 2023

PR over PR

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I sometimes find it faster to file a pull request (PR) over an existing PR than verbal comments if doing so can be more precise without involving a lot of extra coding.

May 12, 2023

Dying squirrel

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Dying squirrel, road side, blinking eyes.

May 7, 2023


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Giant tree uprooted got chopped away.

May 4, 2023

Squid back brain

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This is a story-let inspired by real-life events.

He likes to work out at the start of every day, without which he would could not ignite the engine of this body and mind and feels awful throughout the day.

Later last year, he started to notice some soreness at his lower back when he was dead-lifting.
He thought that was caused by misaligned posture, or maybe he is just getting old.

One night, while tossing and turning in bed, he accidentally felt a small lump at his lower back.
He went to see a doctor, who told him that it was a benign nerve tumor and he could either live with it or have it removed.

Later that night, he dreamed about the back lump trying to tell him that it was not an ordinary nerve tumor but an extension of his brain, which was formed after he ate some san-nakji (live octopus) during a recent trip to an Asian country known for that cuisine.
Specifically, since octopus was eaten a live, parts of the genes encoding distributed brains was spliced into his DNA along with his recent mRNA covid vaccination, which he injected per requirement just prior for the trip.

After some pondering, he opted to remove that lump, brain or not.
To the chagrin of the surgeon, he asked to take the lump home after the surgery, and ate for dinner, but cooked in a tako-yaki style, not raw like san-nakji.

As to whether the nerve tumor is really a brain, he does not know yet, but will see if he will become more or less creative and productive, especially for his lower body movement.
For now, at least he no longer feels the squeeze of the lump.

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