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February 26, 2024

Cherry picking batch-generated results

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An interactive UI that lets users manually input data and parameters to produce results is more suitable for iterative exploration (if you can wait for a few minutes) than mass production (which take take hours if not days), so I built a scripting environment from the same codebase.
I set up an experiment to run over 20+ inputs with a few values at each of the 3 parameter dimensions, and ended up with more than 4000 results which (dawned on me afterwards) are too many to examine one by one.
So I followed the path of iterating exploration as with the UI but with the already batched results without knowing for sure if I have missed any good ones.

Maybe we also need (semi)automatic tools to help us with cherry picking.

February 25, 2024

Voronoi cookies

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I placed the cookie batter drops too close to one another and they expanded into Voronoi regions during baking: photo, and the “corrected” version by ComfyUI image-to-image with (de)noise value 0.5 and v1-5-pruned-dmaonly checkpoint.

Missed opportunity

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When I boarded Caltrain 313 at San Jose on Thursday February 22, 2024, I saw a guy deep in sleep with his head resting on the window. The face constituted an excellent drawing subject but I decided to finish my dinner first. Then the train conductor came to check tickets, and the guy had none and was asked to leave the train at the next stop.

Afterwards I did a quick sketch from visual impression and produced a variation via image-2-image diffusion. Neither could catch the original face which I could better capture on spot.

February 21, 2024

Visualizing dreams

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One main reason that I would like to be able to draw is to share what I saw in my dreams which tend to be vivid and unusual. This is difficult enough due to both the required skills and the ephemeral nature of dreams. But how about visualizing other people’s dreams based on their descriptions?

February 11, 2024

Murakami monster drawing experiment

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Based on a (human-sized) monster sculpture by Takashi Murakami that I saw in a recent exhibition I did a quick rough drawing via Fresco with outlines and color-fills in separate layers, and then fed the outlines-only and color-fills versions to an image-to-image ComfyUI workflow. The results are very interesting and capture the style of the original artist quite well.

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