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August 31, 2022

No-parking tree

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I noticed how the no-parking ground marking seems to be crawling upon this tree near the Vancouver convention center, and envisioned these graphical effects.

August 29, 2022

Sumika takeout receipt

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I envisioned this graphical version of the text receipt from a recent restaurant takeout.

August 27, 2022

I see a ghost in a horse painting

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A horse painting that used to hang on a high wall recently broke its rope and fell to the ground, which gave me a chance to close examine it and spot this white ghost hidden within the broad brush strokes.

August 26, 2022

F-150 and Rivian

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“Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper. The photographer begins with the finished product.” – Edward Steichen

Taking a photo would be faster but I need to be careful about what to leave out (license plate numbers, etc.) before sharing. Drawing a sketch would be slower but I fully control what comes in.

August 24, 2022


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The term trash tornado I heard from this podcast inspired me to create this motion graphics based on a branch I was just working on.

August 23, 2022

Dall-E prompt optimization

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Recent language-based image generators can output amazing results given the right kind of input prompts (e.g., book and market), which can be tricky to produce and rely on experiences. This led me to predict the emergence of a cottage industry of “image prompt optimization” analogous to search engine optimization, and research of machine learning modules (e.g., another network) that can learn translating ordinary natural language inputs to language-generator prompts that can lead to desired outcomes.

August 21, 2022

A half-opened pine cone

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Found this pine cone that was opened on the upper half but still closed on the lower half.
The first sketch did not clearly show the structure so I switched to a different view in the second.

August 14, 2022

Quick sketch of a sleeping dog

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Left behind by the family who owned it, the dog awaited at the front door entrance, sleeping most of the time except when being triggered by sounds coming from the outside.

Corgi cam

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If you have attended SIGGRAPH this year, you probably have noticed this Corgi cam inside the experience hall of the Vancouver convention center.
I am not sure if there was a live video feed, whether someone was behind the camera, and what was the purpose of this whole setup (except for people to play with the dog), but below is my sketch of my (imaginary) mental image of the Corgi cam based on a reference photo.

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