Confessions of a researchaholic

May 7, 2017

Breaking habits

Filed under: Real — liyiwei @ 12:23 pm

It was raining this morning and the hotel has no gym, so I tried to follow some online videos for workout. To my surprise, with the right video it is possible to get enough cardio inside a small space without any special equipment. Now I know that as long as I can have decent internet connection, I just need my exercise shoes without worrying about the availability of fitness facilities.

I was not very hungry in the evening, so I was looking for some hot soup for dinner. A nearby restaurant named ChinChin popped up with good reviews, which sounds like Chinese so I did not even look into the details. I did not realize it is actually French until I reached the restaurant. I could not read the French menu, so I just ordered soup of the day. And it tastes amazing, better than the hot-and-sour soup I originally had in mind.

Life is full of unexpected events will prevent me from doing what I originally planned to do. But they might help me break old habits and find new experiences. (I guess this is a bit like stochastic optimization?)

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