Confessions of a researchaholic


Below is an expansion of my advising style plus derivative questions + answers.



Have fun. Be awesome.


Be the best
Do what you love


Work for yourself
Work anytime anywhere you like


My efficient frontier theory
Why software is eating the world
Are you suitable for research? (The cat experiment)
Should you go to grad school?
A simple and effective way to rank a group
How to choose graduate school and adviser
How to fail your graduate study like an undergrad
It might not be good to be a good student
What really matters
About taking courses
Taking courses versus doing research
How much time should you spend on your research
Why I do not stay up late for work
How to learn a new language
How to read papers
How to really understand an algorithm
How to choose research topic
Why you should not do incremental research
Research coherence
Plan what you do
How to write papers
Manage research project via paper draft
Write paper introduction to vet research ideas
How to write a previous work section
Writing style for revision control Latex source
Git research source
Debug your own code
Testing and debugging code
Basis cases
About time management
How to schedule meetings
How to manage project progress
How to produce research results
How to deal with “failed” experiments
How to enforce rigor
How to get code and data
Sharing code and data
Sharing paper source with publisher
Recording and sharing presentation
Co-managing research materials
How to deal with paper deadlines
Rejections, and how to deal with them
Should we submit?
About resubmission
How to give a paper or research presentation
How to do a paper fast-forward
Manage presentation via slides
How to design talk slides
How to attend conferences
My take on internships
How to keep motivated
How to be more creative
Picking research problems
Ideas are not like cakes
How to deal with scoops
How to review papers
Benefits of reviewing papers
How to invite reviewers
Thesis and oral defense
Advices on advising


For undergrads
How to apply for grad school
How and when to contact professors for school applications
Open mentoring
Follow your passion only if you know what it is
I only propose SIGGRAPH-level ideas for collaboration


Who should be your references
References for MS/PhD applications
Research continuity
How to position yourself to get the jobs you want
Sharing materials under review for job applications
How filter recruiters
Contact for job applications
How to do job interviews
Choosing jobs
When to change jobs
How to quit jobs


How to have a bad research career by David Patterson
External visibility and internal reputation
How to choose faculty jobs for research universities
The most useful faculty advice I have ever received
PhD student recruiting philosophy
How to find and attract top recruits
How to bring up a research student
Networking events
Aaron Swartz on how to hire
Academia stuff that I didn’t learn in the industry
How to write grant proposals
Fail fast
Managing emails
Managing paper committee meeting
About being an industry (co)chair
About being a general/conference (co)chair
Do you really want to be in management?
Award nomination


I almost dropped out of my PhD study


Graphics in 5 minutes
How to pick up computer graphics
Writing your first SIGGRAPH/TOG paper
How to write/make a SIGGRAPH paper
How to design demos
Representative image for SIGGRAPH submission
How to use the papers committee list
How to deal with paper deadlines
Should you do that rebuttal?
How to do a rebuttal
ACM author rights


How to do CHI rebuttal
Statistics for HCI Research by Koji Yatani
Picking up HCI


How to pick up drawing
If you can’t draw it simply, you don’t see it well enough.

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  1. Oh great. I like your motivations very much and it is really innovative and exceptional. I will be happy if i can work with your advise(not supervisions)

    Comment by Sarwar — November 1, 2012 @ 12:33 am

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