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February 27, 2022

Long table

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Seam carving (content-aware resizing) does not work well for this photography, so I manually edited it via a few tools.

February 23, 2022

WCD 248 Harbor

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This is a visual impression of a place as an experimentation with Adobe Fresco grid guide.

Father helps by making money

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I like this cute drawing by my niece of her father (my brother).

Lively academic thread

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I saw 11 replies to a Slack thread of a research project and thought “whoa what a lively academic research discussion” and then came in to find out it was all about gift card amount for user study participants.

February 22, 2022

Advices from a speaker coaching session

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Say less and say better.

Connect with the audience from the start; why this talk matters to them.

Have a closure at the end, like take home messages or potential future works.

Asking your opinion before venturing mine

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A recent undergraduate intern (with a first-authored paper in an upcoming top HCI venue with me) asked my thought on how to pick among PhD offers he has received from several top schools.
Initially I gave a no-brainer answer, but on a second thought I realized that I should hear his prioritized list so that I won’t get ahead of myself.

Maybe I should do this for other cases in the future (and put a disclaimer before my existing written suggestions).

Later, we went over his detailed reasoning and it appears that he would pick my original no-brainer recommendation.
I look forward to our next collaboration project.

February 19, 2022

Number 70 – afternoon and sunrise

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I penciled the afternoon scene first, and colored the sunrise scene based on a photo I took earlier as visual reference.

Silicon Valley Index

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Some interesting aspects I found in the 2022 Silicon Valley Index:

  • The total population declined due to net emigration.
  • Asian now constitutes 39% of the population, more than white (29%), Hispanic (24%), black (2%), and the others (6%).
  • The median income ($138100) is about the twice the US value ($67300).
  • Apple and Alphabet employed 12% of the total work force.
  • Despite a relatively low household poverty rate of 5%, nearly 33% of all households do not earn enough money to meet their most basic needs without public or private/informal assistance.
  • Non-residential development approvals hit an all-time high in FY 2020-21, with more than 21.5 million square feet of space approved.

February 14, 2022

String pile

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This is a exercise to draw a fairly complex object in a sufficiently simple means.

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