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August 7, 2022

Arriving at SIGGRAPH 2022

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I didn’t realize how much I missed academic conferences until attending EGSR earlier in the summer, so I look forward to SIGGRAPH this year. And traveling to Vancouver is much easier than to Prague.

I arrived at the flight gate earlier than usual, but fortunately spotted an excellent drawing subject while waiting for boarding.

During the incoming trip I got spotted by several folks, including one MSRA intern from eons ego (who now reports to one of my former direct reports), one Adobe intern from last year (mentored by my former office mate), and one guy who reports to one of my former (and most favorite) collaborators. I didn’t recognize any of them initially as they all wore masks, which begged the question how could they recognize me given that I wore masks as well. Maybe they have better upper facial recognition capabilities than I do?

I wonder if the pandemic would fundamentally shift how evolution shapes human facial recognition.

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