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July 30, 2012

Be different

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Today for the first time I clicked on a Gmail ad. It was from a CS MS student looking for internship. The ad clearly works better than directly emails, most of which I ended up ignoring because I get too many of these which all look the same to me.

Even though I am not looking for interns, I still contacted the student for potential PhD application in the future.

A necessary condition for a successful research career is creativity. And creative people know how to be different from everybody else.

[TODO: figure out how that ad was bid.]

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  1. Dear professor,
    This ad-bid guy was really adventruous and innovative. He tried a application style that was not common used and realized by most people. Because this method is some kind adventurous, like a drift bottle probably swallowed by the sea, so once it succeeds, then it brings surprise and excitement. This unanticipated suprise enhances the success in reverse.

    Sometimes what matters is not the idea itself, but the action we realizing it. Just like the ad-bid guy’s success.
    Sometimes What matters is not the only the idea and the realization, but also the controlling strategy we applying on. Like the ad-guy, if it is set to be more easily found by those employers, then it can be called a real great success.

    Above is just personal understandings. Wish the readers have fun.

    Comment by Duan, Liuyun — October 21, 2012 @ 5:46 am | Reply

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