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July 19, 2012

Should you do that rebuttal?

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See here for the related post about how to do a rebuttal.

Again, this is mostly for SIGGRAPH, but likely applicable for other publication venues.

My answer is absolutely yes, for a very simple reason: the amount of time and efforts you spend on rebuttal will be a small percentage of what you have spent in submitting the paper (4 days versus months if not years). Thus, you have everything to gain, and little to lose.

More reasons:

. Review is a highly stochastic and unpredictable process, and nobody knows what is going to happen. I have seen papers with strong rating (e.g. > 4) rejected, and weak rating (e.g. < 2.8) accepted. (And yes, both are mine. And I was told the latter is a SIGGRAPH record.) . Not submitting a rebuttal is usually perceived by reviewers as a (negative) sign that authors agree with their (negative) comments. . Rebuttal is a good practice for both research method and emotion control, especially for students, junior researchers, and myself. . Show you get balls. As a reviewer I admire authors who can manage to come up with strong rebuttal even for a paper with low ratings.

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