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June 10, 2010

About work and motivation

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Axiom: I only work for myself.

Theorem 1: If I ever want to work for a company, I try to find one that happens to want me to do what I want to work for myself. Thus, I get paid for working for myself, and no manager ever needs to bother to monitor or push me. Everybody is happy.

Theorem 2: I only collaborate with people who want to work on things that I want to work on. Thus, I never have to push or monitor them. A good example is a bunch of students who also want to do SIGGRAPH and who would work with me for free and who also would work their ass off (to the point that I have to mandate a curfew that everybody go home and sleep no later than 2 AM everyday).

Theorem 3: If an unfortunate temporary situation arises that the company wants me to work on something that I am not interested in, then I try to package my stuff so that I can continue to work on what I want but also make it appear to be something the company wants. However if the situation persists, go to Theorem 1.

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