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June 22, 2022


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I did some experiments with Midjourney’s prompt-based image generation.
(I am glad that the site imposes GPU compute constraints as otherwise I might be tempted to spend endless time exploring the rabbit hole.)

The first one came from a real life experience I encountered the very same morning: A painting by Joan Miro of a laptop computer that still works after being cracked open by heat coming from the office window, after some iterations here is one I like:

The second one also came from a real-life experience, which I iterated to bring out the vegetables from: A vegetarian descendant of Genghis Khan

June 17, 2022

Monumental reckoning

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Initially I thought these black objects were some kind of construction cones surrounding the plinth only to find out that they are artworks representing African slaves facing the (now empty) space occupied by the (now removed) sculptor of Francis Scott Key.

June 12, 2022

Kline coffee dripper

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The hissing sound of a coffee machine inspired the design of this motion graphics.

June 4, 2022

Buzzing fly in G

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Smashing a fly is
too blunt better to starve it
by cleaning kitchen

May 30, 2022

awb SF

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Walking by this sports bar whose logo inspired this motion graphics design in my mind.

May 25, 2022

A chair that flows

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I noticed a bus stop bench while driving by and this visual image popped up in my mind.

May 22, 2022

Wool cap

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This sketch was inspired by a face of similar style I saw today.

Apollo 10½

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I watched Apollo 10½ thinking it was a science fiction only to find out the story is even more interesting.
The animated actions looked lively, which turns out to be based on a type of rotoscoping-over-live-action that the director also employed with his prior works such as A Scanner Darkly.

May 20, 2022

Creative block

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In Concept Art: Break Artist’s Block with Emergent Design – L410, conceptual artist Sam Nielson talked about the common causes and remedies for creative blocks, which I found to be equally applicable to scientific research (or any other creative fields):


Not enough or the right kind of input
, such as visual inspirations for art or the current problems and progresses in research.
Not having anything to say
, which is related to the above about not having the right kind of input as well as not thinking enough about what one wants to do.
Fear of poor performance
which can cause actual poor performance.


Study everything and anything
, including books, papers, and artworks.
Live life a little (outside work)
, which is not just about work-live balance but also about enriching one’s creative horizon.
Give yourself permission to suck
to increase the chance not to suck.

I followed the suggested process (about using chunky oil brushes for iterative ideation) to create the visual impression I saw earlier about two white chairs inside woods.

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