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September 18, 2023

Wingless fly

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Ever since I was a kid I liked to catch a fly live, carefully remove its wings, and observe it crawling around.

For this one, I use Adobe Firefly to generate the background compost image consisting of banana peels, mandarin peels, and egg shells, and then draw and animate the fly on top of it.

September 15, 2023

Met invitation envelope

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I don’t know why a museum in NY would want to invite someone living in CA to be a member – maybe there are CA folks who spend weekends in NY?
But the photo on the envelope did give me some visual idea about how things might move there.

September 9, 2023


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Spoiler alert!

Among all these recent movies that are mostly derivative it is a pleasure to finally find one that is original and thought provoking.

Vivarium is about a young couple who were trapped in a suburban neighborhood and forced to raise a child that seems like a human but is actually a creature from a specie with advanced technology but parasitic morale.

The plot by itself is an interesting sci-fi psychological horror story, but also reflects on the current state of our society, such as housing, parenting, inequality, and resource extraction.

August 28, 2023


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I saw some beautiful sunsets recently but could not manage to paint them to my satisfaction so I took a photo instead and drew over it.
I enlarged the moon for emphasis, but had some difficulty drawing the craters and eventually I switched to an old face reflecting a second meaning of sunset.

August 20, 2023


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Saw and immediately visualized the ladybugs moving in my mind.
I extracted the foreground (ladies and bamboo sticks) and several individual ladybugs via to, and animated them via Adobe Fresco Motion.

August 12, 2023

Mapping a fly’s mind

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Swatting a fly can be a fun and vigorous exercise, but here is an alternative way that is more relaxing: wait until it is dark outside, turn off all the lights inside, and then turn on a single light source which the fly would tend to follow.
You can carry a single flashlight or turn on the room lights one by one towards the outside.

August 2, 2023

Obituary for DLXXK17WK7M9

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iPad Pro 12.9-in 64-GB
Enrolled 10/26/2021
Last seen 6/22/2023
Served in Fresco motion and live brushes

Succeeded by W99KG6V2KQ
iPad Pro 11-in 128-GB
Enrolled 7/27/2023

July 29, 2023

Confidential shredding

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The other day while sliding a document into a confidential shredding slot in the office, a thought came to my mind that a shredding bin might be the most likely place that people want to peek into.

June 21, 2023

Harmonious colors from 4 rubber bands

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I found these 4 rubber bands on the kitchen counter and was intrigued by their coincidental harmonious colors, which I experimented with in these drawings.

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