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August 2, 2023

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 paper committee meeting

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Some random thoughts after just finished the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 paper committee meetings:

I am thrilled to see several of my previous students (or “shadow advisees” to be precise) in the committee.
I hope this has been a good experience for them, even though probably not as good as in-person meetings where they can socialize with other committee members.
(Not as an excuse for shirking review duties, but I also wonder if this is a sign that I can fade away from these committee services soon.)

The meeting time is not ideal for people in Asia, and several of them were not able to present their papers.
I wonder if PC members’ time zones can be an additional variable to optimize for the HepCat paper queues for future virtual PC meetings.

Like hybrid work, I wonder if we can have hybrid PC meetings in the future, where some PC members can meet in person while others can join remotely depending on their preferences and budget supports from ACM/grants/institutions.

Given the increasingly large number of submissions, I wonder if at some point everyone in the graphics community will serve in the PC.

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