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March 31, 2013

How I bring up students

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Stage 1: I will train your basic skills through a series of pet projects (e.g. building a mini software system or reproducing a paper). You are supposed to complete all these entirely on your own.

Stage 2: I will then directly take you to a real project aiming for the best venue of your field. I will work very closely with you on everything.


I only have time for the best projects with the best students. The above 2-stage process is designed as a consequence.

I understand this is not an ordinary methodology. But experiences indicate that it is very effective in helping all students. In particular, the good ones can learn and publish as quickly as possible, while the not-so-good ones can realize as early as possible that they should explore other career options.

I disagree with the usual process of gradual bring-up by submitting to lower tier venues. This can spoil your mentality and motivation, as you will not work as hard as you should and grow as fast as you could. And even if you need non-top publications, it is faster to have those as failed attempts for top venues than direct submissions to lower venues.

For those of you who are not my internal or primary students, your primary adviser should have the final say about your study plan. Just come to me when you are ready for stage-2.

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