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March 26, 2013

About resubmission

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Unfortunately, your paper was rejected by your favorite venue.
Now what? The decision for the next step depends on review opinions and your preferences.

It is not hard science: reviews are stochastic and humans are irrational.
(See earlier posts about rejections, and how to deal with them.)

So, the first thing is to figure out how much you should trust the reviews and your gut feelings.
Sometimes the reviews are right; maybe your paper is really not suitable for that venue (e.g. off topic, not enough contribution) and it is better to choose another venue.
But sometimes they are not; I have at least one submission that was summarized as “not having enough contribution” and I just went ahead with resubmission and the paper got in.

It also depends on whether you will enjoy continuing the work, and whether you think you can make significant improvements. If both conditions hold, it is probably a good idea to ignore the reviews.

Finally, consider opportunity cost. Given the same amount of time and efforts, you can either (1) resubmit the paper to your most favorite venue or (2) submit it to a lower tier and start a new work. Which one (you think) will make you happier and more productive?

PS: see my collaboration policy.

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