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January 7, 2013

Sharing code and data

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It is usually a very good idea to share the code and data along with your published papers. This will make it easier for others to test, understand, reproduce, and compare against your methods, which in turn can make you more popular, your papers more widely cited, and your technology more likely to be adopted by the industry and turned into real products.

Due to intellectual property policies of the institutions I have been affiliated with, I cannot release code for all my projects. However, for those which I can and did, I have found wider citation and productization.

It could also a good idea to submit your code and data along with your paper for peer review. Reviewers tend to like your paper more if they can reproduce your results. However, there are a few things to watch for. The first, and the obvious one, is to make sure your code actually works as advertised. Another is author anonymity; for venues that mandate it you will want to make sure your code and data (just like your paper) do not contain any information that can identify the authors. If you have doubts on this, one possibility is to submit your code and data as non-anonymous materials, if the particular venues allow this (e.g. SIGGRAPH). This can reduce the risk of breaching anonymity and yet allows the committee members to back you if the need arises.

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