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December 16, 2018

Quick sketch from memory

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On the link light rail from SeaTac airport to downtown Seattle I saw this intriguing profile, whose delicate structure and hair coverage appeared to be a young girl but emerged to be a lady of at least middle age when she turned her head to disembark the train.

I did not try to draw her on spot because I did not know when she was going to move. I should sketch as much as I could on spot in the future to help recover my photographic memory.

December 14, 2018

Shading practice

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from an airline magazine movie still

December 12, 2018

UA618 37E

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The middle of a flight is a good chance to find people who voluntarily remain stationary.

December 11, 2018


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If there were a superman/superwoman I would expect him/her as benign to us as we to other life forms on earth or even towards one another historically.

Regarding good versus bad aliens, one of my most favorite movies is The Thing (1982), which I found to be much more convincing than E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial released in the same year.

Carlos Ghosn

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Mediocre people, when they have the right chance, can still hurt better people in unexpected ways. I am glad that I learned this lesson early enough so the damage I received is quite limited.
I am less sure about him though.


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The light field camera is a beautiful technology, but consumers find it no more useful than 360 imaging.

December 9, 2018


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I was searching my email box about the “fence” of the house and surprised to find out how many paper reviews contain the phrase “on the fence”.

Time perception

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During my dream earlier this morning, someone (God?) was telling me what time really is. It is neither a one-dimensional curve nor a two dimensional-ribbon. But the dream did not continue to reveal the rest of the answer.

December 8, 2018

Drawing a sculpture-like human portrait

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Like sculptures, this classically beautiful face has all the features spelled out for drawing. Following suggestions from Daichi and tutorials I saw online, I started drawing coarse shapes very loosely (in a base layer) to help proportions. The more detailed contours are then much easier to pin down. I drew coarse shading in a third layer.

I am not sure yet how and if I should shade the face.

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