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October 27, 2018

Academic lineage

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My academic lineage traces to Jung and Freud instead of Gauss, Laplace, Newton, or Leibniz.
I guess this partially explains my research interest and mentoring style.

October 26, 2018

Quick sketch of a piano player

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Second drawing I sketched at the same night with much faster and looser style to capture dynamic movements.

Practice shading a color pencil cylinder

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Hatching is a core technique to convey shading and texture in sketching.
I have hatched algorithmically so it is only fitting for me to practice manually as well.
This exercise also gave me research ideas which I would not be able to conceive without the artist perspective.

October 25, 2018

Quick sketch practice

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It is challenging to speed sketch dynamic objects, but fun to catch the gist of a sequential activity of a person.
For learning, I plan to focus more on volume sighting static objects.

October 24, 2018

Practice drawing a politician

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Slight deviations of feature relationships can significantly change a facial identity.
For this one, I should tug in the mouth and chin a bit (for more cunningness and less kindness), widen the head a bit (I distrusted my initial sighting and narrowed the lower head near the neck), and shrink the outside eye side a bit (I could not believe how thin it was, and made the same mistake as my earlier copy of the Matisse flute girl).

October 22, 2018

Accidental van Gogh

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I copied the self-portrait of Gustave Courbet, up-side-down to focus on shading instead of shape. The outcome was hilarious, kind of a blend between Courbet and van Gogh.

Gustave Courbet, self portrait with a pipevan Gogh, self portrait with a pipe but without one year

October 21, 2018

Life drawing a sleeping head

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The subject was stationary enough during sleep, but still changed postures a few times during the session, so that it was even more difficult for me to have the right proportions.

Still life with American flag

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This is a pen-holder on my desk. I have not learned how to shade the cylindrical shafts of the (Mickey Mouse) pencils.

October 19, 2018

Drawing a head resting on a sofa arm in profile view

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I told the subject to behave as usual to avoid unnatural facial expressions or uncomfortable body postures.
Nonstationary objects are much harder to capture for someone who has yet to learn drawing in speed or from memory, but also provide the opportunity to grasp a rare moment of interest.

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