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September 2, 2019

OKR 2019

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For OKR 2018, I rated myself 40 percent:

  • Published 4 top papers (with 3 student first authors).
  • Have helped shipping Fresco, a flagship Adobe digital painting product.
  • Have continued regular sketching exercise.
  • I read the book of change as part of my drawing exercises, but have yet to resume the Baroque cycles.

The default period is from July 2019 to June 2020 unless stated otherwise.

Publish top papers

Publish at least 4 papers in top graphics/HCI/vision/ML venues: ToG (including SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia), CHI/UIST, NIPS/ICML, CVPR/ICCV.

Build top products

Ship at least one product as a manager/developer and file at least two patents.

Develop top talents

Help at least 4 students publish in top graphics/HCI/vision/ML venues individually.

Be a better manager by helping the team not only ship at least one product (above) but also publish at least 4 papers in top venues with at least 4 student first authors (without double counting with my own above).

Have fun, be awesome

Practice sketching to a professional level, and expand into animation.

Continue learning a Middle Eastern language to elementary school level, complementing the one Asian and one European language I already know.

Practice meditation to the level that I can enter the God mode immediately, anywhere and anytime.

Finish the book of change, to renew my (now rusty) Chinese and crack the only Chinese classics that my grandfather did not during his life time.

Finish the baroque cycle, which I lost focus in the middle of the first volume (quicksilver).

Restore a common biometric, which suddenly deteriorated, to the previous excellent level, and continue improving the art I have started learning for about 3 years to the stage of practical applications.

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