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September 14, 2018

The girl and the dog

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Quick lunch hour drawing; I took a photo just for backup but sketched the scene entirely on spot for slightly less than one hour.
I picked this sculpture which I have noticed some time ago.

Daichi: volumes, not just contours.
I plan to place rough shapes (e.g. ellipses) in addition to (even before?) rough outlines.

This is the first drawing that I kind of entered the zone or flow. The exact reasons are not clear due to several confounding possibilities: sculptures/statues, or at least this particular one, are already abstracted/stylized with reduced visual complexity; I had difficulty falling asleep the night before, loosening my mental control; I am better at organic than regular structures (see e.g. my previous 3 airplane drawings).

Looking back at the photo (without actual trying to draw from it), I found it much harder to extract the relevant visual structures, compared to on spot drawing.
I guess there are tradeoffs between drawing from photos and on spots: photos facilitate framing, composition, and spatial-temporal flexibility, but are not as flexible and adjustable as human visual systems.

Father recommended NEVER using erasers and always keeping all the strokes.
I know this is a common debate point, but I am going to experiment next time.
Hierarchical, light/thin to heavy/thick strokes should help.

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