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November 19, 2011


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The following scenario happened in one of my dreams early this morning.

During the committee meeting of one major graphics conference, a paper of mine got discussed. So I need to wait outside the room. I noticed that a lot of other people also walked out, and I wondered what the heck that was about. Eventually, the paper chair also came out and announced that nobody can review my paper because every committee member was in conflict.

A very senior guy came over and said: I told you not to make too many friends!

In the end, the paper was marked as *not accepted* (a new category beyond rejected, accepted, and togged) due to *lack of committee members for reviewing*. My co-authors told me they hate me and accused me of being an academic polygamist.

Well, clearly, being a dream, this is not entirely logical, as if there were no committee members who could review a paper it would have been discovered during the paper sorting process, not the meeting itself.
But still, an interesting beginning for a day.

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