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June 6, 2010

Take your time

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When I was younger I always thought if I am smart enough I ought to be able to learn everything faster than normal (e.g. trying to pick up calculus at fifth grade but did not succeed until ninth). But as I grew older I gradually discovered that there are things that simply cannot and should not be accelerated. The universe moves at its own grace, and sometimes it is best to decipher its mystery simply by playing along.

Smart people can go faster, but intelligent people know when to take their time.

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  1. […] Take your time; it is true that life is short, but a lot of things simply need time to mature and cannot be rushed, no matter how smart you are. “>first one, from San Francisco magazine titled emacsquote{Dark side of the boom}, is really about the dark side of the youth entrepreneurship myth in the valley. […]

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