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December 27, 2009


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Human life span is limited, but one could pass on his legacy to the future generations via two means: genes or memes.

The genes carry biological codes inherited to offspring, whereas the memes carry cultural practices transmitted through minds.
Both are fundamental mediums that shape human behavior. And more often than not, one would obtain most genes and memes from his family elders.

I owe my ancestors for these nice genes that they managed to survive and pass on to me, and my parents and grandparents for these good memes that they taught me by setting up good examples.

My grandfather was quite a unique figure, having been both a (Nationalist) air force officer and a classic Chinese scholar publishing articles and teaching in universities. This gave him a rare character combination: scholarly intelligence and military discipline. Through him, I not only learned how to have each but also how powerful such a combination could be.

I never felt emotionally sad for his pass away, not only because he had lived a heck of life, but also that I know he has passed on his legacy through both his excellent genes and memes. For me, the best way to memorize him is to continue his legacy.

(In memorial of my grandfather who passed away on Dec 27 2005 at age 88.)

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