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July 3, 2009

Antaran finished off my last opponent

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Master of Orion 2 is my all time most favorite game, and I found myself still playing it, even though the game was kind of old – released on 1996.

The game never stops short of entertaining me. And just a few days ago when I played it again, the game ended in a very funny situation. I was playing the impossible level in a small galaxy with maximum possible number (8) of players (my most favorite configuration as it maximizes competition). I have eliminated all but the last opponent and trapped it in a small planet with all weapons knocked out. I did not want to take the last planet that soon, as I would like to conquer the Antaran home planet as my favorite way to end the game.

Then, an Antaran raider fleet showed up on the screen, heading towards the star system that contains the planet for the last opponent. I was thinking the fleet must be targeting another planet that belongs to my player, as it was newly conquered and more or less defenseless. Unfortunately, the fleet is actually heading for the last colony of my last opponent, wiped it out clean and easy (the planet is totally defenseless thanks to my effort a few turns ago), and thus ended the game automatically.

I tried to reload and replay the game several times to no avail. I would hope there would be an option for me to engage in combat with the Antaran fleet first, but the option did not show up. Thus I lost the chance to clean out the Antaran home world.

I have put up the game file here if you would like to repeat the experiment. The game is for Master of Orion II, version 1.2.

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