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February 6, 2019

What to do during train commutes

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Sighting people is a fascinating activity on public transports.
Below is my usual procedure.

Pick a subject that seems interesting and remains relatively stationary.
The subjects may move, but often come back to the original positions or cycle through a small set of configurations while sitting on a train.
Sketch as efficiently as possible without worrying about correctness.
Avoid direct eye contacts with the subjects.

This guy asked me what the train number is, and I said 193.

Sketch from memory of a toddler, whose face was partially blocked by his grandmother.

A sad-looking woman sitting with her dog looks fascinating, but the BART was too crowded for me to draw anything.
So I drew this lady with head scarf within a few seconds.

This double-chinned girl smiled brightly while typing on her cell phone, but turned back to her laptop with a grim expression.

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