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June 6, 2023

T-bill auction

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I was trying to buy some short-term t-bills around the time of the debt-ceiling negotiation as the yields are likely to be higher than usual and the government might need more money from us.

I placed an initial bid (about 20 percent of my target) just to check the process, and at the end the system gave me some server error message, so I repeated the process a few times.
Later, I realized that all my (five) bids actually went through and it was just the server that was responsible for the survey at the end that was down.

June 4, 2023

Quick sketching while waiting

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My dad did a lot of quick pencil drawings on papers while waiting, and I did the same with fingers on a mobile phone (moto-x4 with Autodesk Sketchbook installed).

June 1, 2023

Caltrain rides

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I have been taking Caltrain recently for commute while my car is in the body shop, and thus could resume a favorite activity of mine – quick portrait sketches of fellow passengers during the rides.
These are obviously not the best sketches in terms of absolute quality, but I like them given how much I can achieve in such a short amount of time (at most a few minutes and sometimes only a few seconds).

The train schedule has become sparser (and less convenient for passengers) since the pandemic, likely for cost saving due to reduced ridership, which in turn could cause further ridership reduction in a negative feedback loop.
I hope both the ridership and schedule will pick up again soon.

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