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February 2, 2019

Self programming

Filed under: Imaginary,Real — liyiwei @ 12:46 pm

Instead of the current medical technology which looks like ad-hoc hack, I look forward to the day when we could program ourselves (e.g., at a molecular or genetic level) as we could with artificial entities, so that we can adapt to any environments and resist all diseases, including aging and death.

Maybe eventually we will still perish, but we can at least watch the collapse of the universe.

PS: reincarnation is probably still the best form of immortality.

PPS: the same technology could be applied to restore biodiversity and revert climate change.

February 1, 2019

Quick sketch of a pug

Filed under: Real — liyiwei @ 10:16 pm

I just waited for the dog to fall sleep and remain quasi-stationary for a bit while.

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