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June 29, 2021

The importance of money

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During a dream earlier this morning I recalled an event that happened earlier in my life.

One day, during my college freshman year, I was waiting at a bus stop.
A woman approached me asking me to do a survey, selecting from a list of things most important to me in a prioritized order.
I put money as the third or fourth option, and she asked: is money really that important?

You wouldn’t even bring up something for discussion if you really don’t care about it, right?
In retrospect (also happened in my dream), I realized that what really happened is that the woman has been trying to convince herself that money is not important because she didn’t think she has enough of it.
(Lying to oneself is even worse than lying to other people.)

Like everything else, the importance of money is not binary; one cannot live without it, and yet one probably wouldn’t trade his/her life for it.

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