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March 22, 2019

Portrait sketches

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The sandwich place inside the company is a good place to watch people.
During my lunch there today, I noticed a chunky visitor with flesh squeezing out all over his face and body, an employee with long mustache, and a visitor who looks like Tuppence Middleton from the side.
I had only about 15 minutes to draw so I picked the last one as the subject, even though she left before I could even finish the outline.

It took me a while to find this interesting subject on the evening train. He disembarked at the Mountain View when I just started the outline, so I finished the drawing mostly from visual memory.

This girl sat at the same seat of the bearded guy. I failed to capture her essence before getting off at Menlo Park.

I drew this inside a cafe; the lighting eventually turned dark and thus challenging for hatching.

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