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June 30, 2013

How to keep motivated

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[My attempt to answer the question “I can’t keep myself always motivated in research, and I wonder what’s your method to do so?”]

I am actually not sure how to answer this, because I take it for granted. It is like someone asking you how to keep motivated in eating or sleeping.
But let me try.


Lack of motivation is usually a sign for lack of (genuine) interest.
If research is not what you really want to do for yourself, you are wasting your life; do something else instead, before it is too late.


The world is becoming increasingly competitive. People in your fields are getting better faster than, say, how Shanghai has changed in just 20 years.

Would your future prospect (in job, family, etc.) be enough to keep you always on the edge? If not, I cannot save you from being doomed into eternal mediocrity.

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