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November 21, 2012

Flesh UI

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I have a primary bank in Asia and a primary bank in the US.

The online banking of that US bank is very easy to use; the UI design is likely good enough for a textbook example.

In contrast, online banking for that Asia bank is extremely difficult to use (even for a computer scientist); the UI design is so bad that it can also serve as a textbook example.

I have been wondering how that Asia bank could have survived its customer complains about UI. Today, I found out the answer.

I needed to conduct a transaction that (to the extent I can figure out through that UI jungle) cannot be done online. So I went to a local branch. The (human) bank clerks were so efficient that the entire process probably took less time than doing it online by myself.

So I guess most people in Asia simply do banking with real humans. It is not only because human labors are more abundant in Asia, but also that Asians have more inherent distrusts for online banking.

Lesson learned: a bad UI needs fix only if used.

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