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August 12, 2012

Don’t be a sucker

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“Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers” – M.E Kerr

This post was inspired by some recent events.

Scenario 1 – the original school admins are about to start summer break and cannot get paper work done for the new school

Losers: complain about the situation but otherwise just sit there suffer. 🙁
Winners: bug the admins on both sides every single day until they ensure the paper works will be done on time for the new semester; increase your bug frequency otherwise. 🙂

Scenario 2 – upon having internet connection issues within a police state

Losers: 🙁
Winners: find a way to obtain smooth internet access, even if it incurs breaking through firewalls and hacking into military satellites. 🙂

Scenario 3 – upon discovering the dorm is not available until a month into the semester

Losers: 🙁
Winners: find someone, preferably an attractive opposite sex, to share the room and rent? 🙂

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