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December 15, 2009

Toon shading

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Appleseed: Ex Machina is the best toon shaded animation I have ever seen. It really beats 2D cel animation.
I am too busy right now to write down more details, but just checkout this movie if you like anime or computer graphics.

Also, don’t miss the bonus features. I find it particularly interesting that the American crew talked about the “amazing collaboration” between Chinese (John Woo, producer) and Japanese (Shinji Aramaki, director) as though these two countries ought to start the third world war instead of collaborating on animation projects.

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  1. Personally, I like the traditional anime (2D cel animation in your words) better than current toon rendered animations. For me, I like ‘Ghost in the shell’ better than Apple seed series.
    The traditional anime has a much better feeling, it doesn’t looks real, but it feels better, or at least more comfortable.
    Or maybe, cel anime is just fake, and our mind know it is fake. While 3D rendering comes in, it mess up our feelings. I am too busy to write down more details, but anime / cartoon rendering is really a interesting topic.

    Comment by Allen — December 16, 2009 @ 5:08 am | Reply

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