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January 9, 2022

French easel

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My first standing French easel drawing was in front of a bathroom mirror, blocking the entrance.

January 5, 2022

Twisted red bell pepper

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I drew this digital oil painting on an iPad supported by a (newly purchased) French easel, with which I plan to try physical (pencil, oil, and acrylic) medium next.

December 26, 2021

Minna and New Montgomery

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After visiting the photography section of SFMOMA while on the way for dinner pick up at North India, I noticed a street sleeper near the intersection of Minna and New Montgomery. I then spotted two more similarly-shaped entities nearby, which, upon closer examination, were a blanket and a group of trash bags at the back door of Henry’s Hunan.
I took their photos and composited into one afterwards.

December 25, 2021

Pillar of Shame, Christmas variation

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Pillar of Shame, which I frequently walked by during my HKU days, has recently been demolished (CNN, BBC, Reuters).
The vulnerability of the physical sculpture as well as the coincidence of its removal with the Christmas day inspired me to draw a motion graphics that is digital (and thus harder to demolish) and hybrid (heads and bodies as Christmas tree ornaments).

December 20, 2021


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This visual, probably the upstairs of a building interior, popped up in my visual mind during shower.

December 17, 2021

Dinner bones

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This turned out to be a weird one for both the idea and the execution.

December 13, 2021

The little cookie girl

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The original story of the little match girl is sad, so here is a happier variation.

On a freezing New Year’s Eve a happy young girl, warm and well clothed, tries to sell cookies in the street. Afraid to go home because her father is pre-diabetic and will eat all the cookies that still remain at the end of the day, she huddles in the alley between two houses and eats cookies, one by one, to keep herself occupied.

In the sweetness of the cookies she sees a series of comforting visions: the warm iron stove, the lovely roast goose, the great glorious Christmas tree. Each vision disappears as a cookie was eaten. In the horizon she sees a shooting ambulance, which her late grandmother had told her means someone is on their way to hospital for heart attack. In munching the next cookie she sees her grandmother, the only person that also made cookies with her. To keep the vision of her grandmother alive as long as possible, the girl consumes the entire pack of cookies.

When the cookies are gone the girl is full to the throat, and she takes Uber to carry her home. The next morning, the father finds the girl sleeping on her bed with a smile on her face, and expresses joy. He does not know about the wonderful visions she had seen, or how happy she is with all the cookies in her belly.

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