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July 22, 2021

Netflix gaming

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Netflix is expanding into games beyond videos.
I think it would work best if they start with interactive videos, like Carmen Sandiego, to steal or not to steal with increasing range of interactivity (like in adventure games), instead of 3D gaming like first person shooters.

July 2, 2021


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This app recommends across a variety of mediums such movies, books, and podcasts.
I am not sure how good its algorithm is, but I do wonder how it competes with individual platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Apple/Android podcasts with both the content and the recommendation in place, which are much more convenient to provide preferences and reviews.
The notion recommendations from people you trust can also be achieved from existing social networks such as Facebook and Nextdoor.

June 25, 2021

Geoengineering is not the solution for climate change

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Some thoughts I have after reading this article a while back.
Without a sufficiently accurate model for the entire planet earth, whatever solution we come up with may have unintended/unanticipated side effects.
And even if we can, the solution can carry moral hazard, encouraging people to continue with (or even increase) pollution and carbon production, causing reduced/negated effectiveness.

June 18, 2021

Social streaming

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There are 3 main ways to make money via social streaming: advertisement, shopping, and donation.
I found the last one particularly interesting as it involves more direct personal connections and thus scales less massively than the first two.

March 22, 2021

NFT art

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Some information that I have found helpful in understanding the recent NFT art phenomena.

A good NPR podcast introducing NFT.

CNN on NFT art boom.

NFT is obviously not the first asset bubble.

Beeple’s 69-million NFT, and why the buyer thought it is worth the price.

Aaron Hertzmann’s article about the similarities and differences between traditional and NFT arts.

An NFT is essentially a URL and the block-chain does not store the artwork itself.

As expected, one of the major NFT art exchanges may have security issues, even though their system does not seem to be compromised.

The auction process may be off the blockchain but with reduced computation and energy consumption.

February 14, 2021


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This video of an interview with the Bumble founder reminds me that the service/mission is often much more important than the technology for starting up a company.

February 12, 2021

The takeout economy

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Ordering stuff online with a click of button can be convenient, but there are potential consequences to our society (e.g., restaurants and gig workers) and environment (e.g., packaging and shipping).

After learning about the charge from a food delivery (tech ?) company during a restaurant takeout, I now try to directly order from local restaurants to build direct connections and bypass these middlemen who can better help the discovery of new restaurants and these dark kitchens that do not want to bother with services and deliveries.

December 31, 2020

Install IPA file on iOS devices

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After hours experimenting with macOS VM I found that I can install .ipa files on an iPad from a Windows machine (e.g., AnyTrans).

October 21, 2020

What can be quantified can also be automated

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If the productivity of certain types of works can be quantified, it can also be optimized and thus automated.

Instead of performance evaluation, such measures are better used for identifying repetitive tasks potential for automation.

To achieve human-level intelligence, we probably need an AI framework very different from existing rule-based (e.g., Minsky) and data-driven (e.g., current ML) approaches.

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