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July 18, 2016

Academia stuff that I didn’t learn in the industry

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It is much better for a computer scientist to have sufficient industry experiences before joining the academia, as I explained before.
Just be mindful of some necessary adjustments, some of which I am learning as an ongoing process and shared below.

January 26, 2016

How to write grant proposals

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I used to think that writing grants is a necessary evil, but now I realized it is a great way to plan research at a high level, beyond individual papers or projects.

Basically, it is not just about writing what you plan to do. You are essentially authoring a top paper, but not yet published.

Another thing I didn’t learn in the industry: decreasing the speed of publishing a paper can increase the chance of getting a grant.
More specifically, good research alone may suffice for publishing papers, but grants are given to projects that still have sufficient future works.
A fundable project needs to strike the right balance between finished and unfinished works.
Leaning too much towards the former has been the main reason for my grant proposal rejections so far.

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