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March 10, 2019

Drawing from a magazine photo

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The strong lighting contrast on the face can help practice hatching and shading, but I completely failed to depict the cute subject; will revisit.

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Drawing from a magazine photo

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Drawing from a magazine photo

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May 19, 2018

Antisocial irrationality

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In a recent party I attended I did not socialize as much as I should. I was either too arrogant to think talking to people is not worth the time compared to just idly walking around, or too lazy to chat which is not difficult for me at all.

If I am in a social gathering, I should talk to people; otherwise I should just go somewhere else to do something useful.

In a future party, if you find me antisocial (not abnormal, which is normal for me), please remind me that I am behaving irrationally.

November 10, 2017

Investigate before implement

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I spent a few days hacking some stuff only to find out a better solution which took me only 5 minutes.

I was too focused in finishing the task, so I followed the first idea that came to my mind without spending enough time investigating different options.

March 8, 2017

I almost dropped out of my PhD study

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I joined the Stanford computer graphics lab in 1996 summer after passing the entrance test of porting the light field viewer from SGI to PC. When Pat Hanrahan gave his (last ?) SIGGRAPH talk, I was hiding on stage behind him, doing some live demos while trying not to screw up.

After that, I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I attempted at least 20 different projects. At some point I almost dropped out to join a certain startup (well if I did I probably could retire by now, but who knows). Fortunately, my advisor, Marc Levoy, was very supportive. Eventually I took courses taught by Robert Gray and David Heeger, whose TSVQ and texture synthesis works inspired me to do a course project. I wrote it up and submitted my first single-authored paper to SIGGRAPH 1999, with scathing reviews, mostly because I did not know how to write yet. I took a writing class, and with the help of my adviser, submitted it again next year which eventually became my first SIGGRAPH paper, in 2000, 4 years after I started my PhD program.

For PhD candidates concerned about not publishing enough in their first, second, or even third year, I hope my experience can help you chill out.
I doubt how many of you could have done worse than I did during the initial period.
Granted, your situation might be different from mine (e.g. some degree program is only 4 years and your adviser might not be as cool as mine), but I want to let you know that your PhD study is likely the only period in your life that you can literally try anything you like without the real consequences of failure. So have fun, and you can learn something from everything you have tried, as I did from these 20+ projects.

September 10, 2015

Failure cases

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Successes are good, but when I look at them I am not sure what I can learn.

In contrast, when I look at failure cases, I know exactly what to avoid.

I have been considering sharing my failure cases for a while, following some prior examples such as this failure CV.
My paper reviews are not suitable because my co-authors might not be comfortable with sharing and my single-authored papers usually just got in.
Thus, I am sharing all my grant proposals + reviews, funded or not.
To avoid pissing off the funding agencies and to benefit those in real needs, please ping me for the information if interested.

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