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December 6, 2018

Picasso continues to roll in his grave

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From the same source I experimented with artist pencils in a digital drawing to compare with graphite sticks.
Interestingly, I made similar proportional mistakes to my previous physical drawing, notably the over-long nose.

The 4+B digital pencils were too dark, so I switched to 2B which would be too light for physical pencils.

December 3, 2018

Picasso is rolling in his grave

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I drew this one loose and quick to feel the graphite sticks, so I did not realize the incorrect proportions until the end, such as overlong nose, shifted gaze, and over-large left ear.

I plan to experiment with digital drawing to see if it can achieve similar rough senses and effects.

Integrity, intelligence, and energy

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Warren Buffett once said to look for three qualities for people to work with: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And without the first one, the other two will kill you.

However, history is full of people who committed grave atrocities due to lack of intelligence, even with good intention and integrity. And I have witnessed people causing less damages who are not as dangerous but still annoying.

Thus, lacking intelligence is no less dangerous than lacking integrity. Avoid such people as much as possible.

December 2, 2018

Portrait practice from a movie still

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I decided it is about time to go back to the instruction book to follow planned exercises. (As a student, I seldom followed guidance before sufficient self-exploration.)
The next practice is proportioning a frontal face, so I picked a movie still of an actress whose quarter profile I had difficulty with earlier. (I will come back to that exercise later.)

I hope to capture the feeling better with subtler shading (e.g. smiling with the cheeks), but I ran out of patience and had to go out for dinner.

PS: it is better to practice portraits starting from subjects outside personal social circles.

December 1, 2018

Practice drawing a half-shadowed face

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This is a face with fascinating contrasts: light and shadow, young and mature, beauty and menace.

My original goal is to practice depicting the shadowed side with minimal amount of details.
Then, during the drawing, I encountered great difficulty capturing the unique identify of the face after 3 nights and 1 morning. It has a fascinating combination of a juvenile face laced with mature features such as plump lips, wearing a delicate and yet sorrowful, vengeful expression.

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