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November 18, 2018

Portrait exercise from a magazine photo

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Accidental cartoon effects; drawing from a photo in the San Francisco magazine.

Quick drawings during a museum trip

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Sculptures are static, often already abstracted or stylized to facilitate drawing, and non-human subjects allow more deviations in proportions.

Human subjects, in contrast, are dynamic, complex, and require precise proportions for recognition.

November 14, 2018

Digital drawing over a scanned portrait sketch

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I refined the eyes, hair, and neck regions of a portrait sketched by my father of my grandfather, making him look slightly younger as I remembered him during my childhood.

November 11, 2018

Quick sketches during a concert performance

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Drawing can still divert my attention away from the music, so I should focus on the concert next time.
Dvorak never bores.

Layers composition exercise

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I used the lower layers for blocking and layout, higher layers for details, and different layers for different objects (Gollum, human, pillow). Later, I can reuse some of the layers for different compositions.

I drew from two photos, replacing the kid on the left, who was grimacing anyway, with Gollum, per request by the guy on the right.

Somehow I made the mistake of setting a low image resolution at the beginning, but fortunately that does not seem to reduce the image quality too much.

November 9, 2018

Digital painting experiment

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Sighting a photo displayed on a Kindle Fire, I experimented this drawing via Sketchbook on an iPad Pro with Apple pencil.
Digital painting provides more flexibility in physics and interaction (e.g. undo, zoom-in) but lacks the tactile feedback of canvas papers.

Erasing fine details on the current drawing can be difficult. A potential enhancement is to consider workflows for smart eraser.

15-min sketch practice

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We started at around 1:10 pm and finished at 1:25 pm to accommodate our meeting schedules.

Self-reminder: start with coarse shapes and volumes before fine contours and shading.

November 7, 2018

Coarse portrait shading practice

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It is deceptively challenging to depict portrait intricacies with coarse shading. I captured the eyes after a while, but not yet the mouth.
After seeing the original photo instead of the low res black-white one I drew as the source, I realized that the head tilt is off, contributing to the weird mouth composition.

November 5, 2018

A bipolar city

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In a fancy restaurant, two guys in their early twenties were boasting about the funding of (their?) biotech startups, faces red with excitement boosted from their blood alcohol levels and profanity-filled conversations which, even without biotech background, I can detect nonsense from their tones, facial expressions, and body languages.

Meanwhile, on the streets scattered a few guys gathering manhole cover heat, and on a BART train, a guy was telling random strangers about his difficulty of finding jobs.

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