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August 20, 2018

Shadow QA

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During the QA after each paper presentation, it is common for the advisers to help the students, especially first-timers, to answer (or translate) questions.

I used to sit on the stage, which I dislike as the bright podium light can shine directly into my eyes. I once shielded my eyes with a hoodie, and people commented that I looked like a gangster.

Then I switched to sit on the front row and step up to the podium during QA. People can see my face; I prefer to remain invisible.

Finally, this year one of my papers was presented in a large, dark ballroom.
A narrow light beam casted over the speaker and the podium was right on the edge of the stage, which allowed me to sneak aside without being seen.
This is my favorite stage design so far.

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August 16, 2018

The coolest I have seen in SIGGRAPH 2018

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Coolest demo in real-time live: AI + animation in addition to sketch-based modeling in Teddy

Very cool VR format for anime/manga by Square Enix

Coolest exhibition: the looking glass autostereoscopic display, the game demo, for the first time, made me think that consumers might finally want to buy a 3D display at home.

Looking glass display

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August 11, 2018

Drawing a fireplace

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I found the perspective and framing very challenging.

Drawing a fireplace

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Drawing a playground

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I was thinking about targeting the abstract sculptures on Park Ave, but Daichi said such structures are not suitable for practice as they can be drawn in anyway and still look reasonable.

So we went to the park and drew the small playground inside.

My high level perspective was incorrect from the beginning, so Daichi asked me to restart from scratch.
He was worried about the homeless people roaming around. After he came back to work, I continued to finish the drawing to a reasonable degree. Two homeless (looking) people passed by and friendly asked me if they can see what I was drawing.

Drawing a playground

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I promised Daichi to draw in Vancouver next week.

August 10, 2018

成功地將作者漢字姓名塞入一篇 SIGGRAPH 論文

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After years waiting for the right combination of paper format and authors, I finally managed to insert 漢字 author names to a research paper which now resides in the ACM digital library.

August 5, 2018

OKR 2018

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For OKR 2017, I rated myself 50 percent:

  • Published 5 top papers (with 2 student first authors)

  • Shipped no product, but has at least one in the pipeline (an advantage of working for a company instead of a university is stronger/mandatory incentive to ship)

  • Helped my second HKU PhD student publish her first SIGGRAPH paper so that she can be on track for successful graduation

  • Started regular sketching exercises by finding a mentor

  • Read several books, two are very good (Chaos Monkeys and Principles), but have yet read the Book of Change and the Baroque Cycles.

The default period is from July 2018 to June 2019 unless stated otherwise.

Publish top papers

Publish at least 4 papers in top graphics/HCI/vision/ML venues: ToG (including SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia), CHI/UIST, NIPS/ICML, CVPR/ICCV.

Build top products

Ship at least one product as a manager, one as a developer, and file at least two patents.

Develop top talents

Help at least 4 students publish in top graphics/HCI/vision/ML venues individually.

Be a better manager by helping the team not only ship at least one product (above) but also publish at least 4 papers in top venues with at least 4 student first authors (without double counting with my own above).

Pay off the remaining TA unit of my second HKU PhD student; sorry, I should have stay put a bit longer.

Have fun, be awesome

Practice sketching to a professional level.

Pick up a Middle Eastern language to elementary school level, complementing the one Asian and one European language I already know.

Practice meditation to the level that I can enter the God mode immediately, anywhere and anytime.

Finish the book of change, to renew my (now rusty) Chinese and crack the only Chinese classics that my grandfather did not during his life time.

Finish the baroque cycle, which I lost focus in the middle of the first volume (quicksilver).

Reduce my steady heart rate to the previous level – less than 40 beats per minute, and continue improving the art I have started learning for about 2 years to the stage of practical applications.

August 3, 2018

Tree drawing

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The proportion is not right as I did not plan enough.

To draw tree leaves, I can squint my eyes to low pass filter and use hatches to convey both the values/tones and textures.

I should draw only the tree, not the background, to reduce visual clutter.

Tree drawing

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