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April 16, 2015

Exponential ignorance

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The ratio of collective over my knowledge is growing at an exponential rate. It feels like drowning.

Human evolution is too slow for and has yet to benefit from our recent technology advance. Some cybernetic or genetic intervention may save us.

April 14, 2015

To my future self

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Even if you are 88 years old with terminal cancer lying on a bed while being pointed at by an AK47, you can still overcome the obstacles just like we always do.

That is all you need to remember.

April 10, 2015

Stop killing trees

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It is the 21st century. Please, send me electronic instead of paper documents.

Meanwhile, I wonder if there is a way to automatically bounce all incoming physical mails back to the original senders.

April 8, 2015

Debug your own code

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Never, ever, send your code to others and ask them to debug whatever functional or performance issues you have.

That is the most effective way to signal you being a liability rather than an asset. It is like asking others to wipe your ass for you.

Spend time figuring out what is going on inside your own code, and ask specific questions if you need help. Take a look at, a good forum for coding questions.

April 5, 2015

Furious 7

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They actually parachuted the cars for real instead of CG :-)

March 25, 2015

Drink tickets

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Confession time!

I am the one who made the decision to provide only cash bar but not drink tickets for the I3D 2015 banquet. The official reason is budget balance, but the personal reason is that alcohol is a bad thing and should not be encouraged.


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If you are a university professor and you boast on social networks about sending your students to other schools for higher degrees, you are essentially acknowledging that you (and your school) are not as good.

Pedro turning into a werewolf

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This is yet another vivid dream I had earlier this morning.

I was waiting in line for I3D electronic theater with Pedro, chatting with other folks happily.
All of a sudden, he bent over the floor and started to vomit.
His bones deformed, with nails were protruding out of his fingers.
One of the two bear-like eastern European guys standing around us bit off Pedro’s right index finger tip, and that settled him down.
The eastern European guy told me that my bite would not help, implying I am a vampire.

March 16, 2015

PhD student recruiting

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On behalf of the HKU CS department, I would like to invite top students all over the world to apply our PhD program for academic year 2016-17.

HKU is a top ranked university conducting world class research and teaching. It is located at the heart of Hong Kong Island, aka the downtown area.
Hong Kong’s diverse culture, liberal policy, and vibrant economy offer unique life styles and career opportunities.

March 5, 2015

About being a general/conference (co)chair

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Here is my experience of being a general/conference co-chair for I3D, a small but prominent venue in graphics, games, and HCI, in 2015.


A general chair is like the head of a conference organizing committee, which consists of other members such as paper/program chair, industry chair, poster/demo chair, publicity chair, local chair, etc.

You start by picking the venue/hotel and committee members (including your co-chair), working with them before/during/after the conference, and making sure everything runs smoothly with nothing falling through the cracks.
Your goal is to maximize attendance satisfaction while staying within the financial budget.


Someone asked me to do this a while back; I like I3D and want to experience conference organization.


Picking good people to work with, including hotel managers and committee members, will make your tasks much easier and pleasant.

Learn from the past chairs. Follow what they have done well and improve the rest. Then you should be fine.

The budget is the trickiest part in my experience. The sponsoring organization (e.g. ACM) usually prefers not running into deficit, which unfortunately may appear unavoidable as the incomes (registration fees and corporate donations) do not completely roll in until near the conference start, at which point all major expenses are already decided.
Fortunately things turned out well this year and we ended with a small budget surplus.

I3D logo cake

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