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March 31, 2014


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Street noise
Is like a lullaby
For city boys

December 25, 2013

Cat pose

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Cold winter day
Sitting on a warm hood

December 22, 2013

Two recent movies

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Every computer scientist’s wet dream:

Every computer scientist’s nightmare:

September 28, 2013

The Klingons

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Imagine you are a Klingon warship commander. After going through some hyper-warp to arrive at an alternative space time, you find that all Klingons are in gentle servitude to humans.

This is what I felt about the HK technology industry as a SF bay area computer scientist.

If you are a Klingon in that alternative space time, work with that commander so that you will not turn into a pussy.

August 7, 2013

Father’s day haiku

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A Y-chromosome
passed from dad to son
unchanged across millenniums.

July 28, 2013

The matrix concert

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I went to the Matrix in Concert with the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Don Davis, who is also the composer for the Matrix trilogy.

Basically, what they did is to play the first matrix movie with music accompanied by the orchestra.
I enjoyed the show for a variety of reasons: I am a fan of the original movies, the visual setup (black dressing + green lighting) is fitting, and the music integrates seamlessly with the movie.

The most interesting aspect is that the music adds (yet) another layer of performance + reality, over the original movie, which is already layered. The music starts with the opening scenes and ends after the end credits. So the entire show starts before the movie starts and ends after the movie ends. In a movie theater, most audience would walk out during the end credits, but we should sit through this one. (It was very funny to see a few folks who left during the end credits.)

What has not changed is that I want to be agent Smith if I can choose to become one of the characters.

June 14, 2013

Aromatic association of cities I have lived in more than 1 year

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They say olfactory memory is the most visceral as it is within our primitive brains.

Taipei: soil within sidewalk pavement cracks

Kaohsiung: (strong) industrial waste water

Stanford: dry grass

Palo Alto: coffee

Mountain View: swimming pool chlorine

Emerald Hills: trees

Beijing: gun powder (sulfur)

Seattle: sea-weed/salt

Hong Kong: (humid) bean curd

March 3, 2013


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A really beautiful woman can shine without makeup or enhancement12.
A truly capable man can function without job title or institution13.

1Replace man and woman above with unisex nouns if you like. I do not mean to be a sexist; the sentences just flow better.

2To sense whether that someone is for you, see her true self; wake up early on a Sunday morning, sneak beside her bed, and watch her sleep.

3I spent my early childhood listening to my grandparents’ stories on how they survived WW2 and how untrustworthy governments can be. I became one of the few in my (and younger) generation with this innate distrust of institutions. (Self psycho-analysis indicated this is a main source of my inclination towards individualism + self-reliance and my philosophical difficulty working in a company.) If you have no idea what I am talking about, try “Wealth, War and Wisdom” by Barton Biggs. (The book succeeded in conveying the sense of institutional distrust, even though I do not agree with all the points.)

February 14, 2013

Liberal art

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This is a random collection of thoughts after watching this movie, liberal arts, on a recent flight.

I like the movie; it is funny, informational, and the characters are cute (especially the one played by Elizabeth Olsen).

I finally got what it meant by liberal art college: basically, the kind of schools that trains one to be a generalist rather than for a specific profession. Quote from the movie: “I majored in English and minored in history just to make sure I am fully unemployable”.

I think computer science is some kind of liberal art: writing good codes is a lot like writing good proses, designing good algorithms is a lot like designing good plots, and making good UIs is a lot like making good plays!

From now on I am going to proclaim I do liberal art, in a more employable fashion.

January 27, 2013


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【侯 文詠】漸漸




「那 就領薪水,好好地做個會計。」我問。



「一開始喝酒就好辦了。站著喝酒薪水是二萬四,坐著喝是四萬八,客人給的小費還不包括在內。同樣都是大專畢業,為 什麼錢賺的比別人少?!就會有人勸她了,人都在裡面了,外面的人誰知道你是端盤子,還是坐檯呢?!再說自己真的清白,別跟客人出場就好了,陪客人喝酒,就算在社會上交際應酬也是常有的事。」

「於是坐下來當坐檯小姐。剛開始一定規規矩矩地喝酒。也不隨便跟客人出場。這一行競爭大,領四萬八慢慢就會嫌不夠了。只 好挑看得順眼的客人給帶出場了。作久了,總是會給厲害的客人佔便宜,哭哭啼啼鬧一陣子也就好了。畢竟讀過書,狠下心來做得更利落、更敢,客人喜歡,我也得意,這是兩廂情願的事。」






無從捉摸,無法抵擋的墮落與沉淪。 漸漸之可怕,在於我們的不知不覺。世界上沒有任何東西是永遠不變的,唯一不變的只有一件事,就是任何東西都在變!

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